Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by tangling, matting, and pelting?

Matts are a collection of tangled hair that may also include dirt, oils from the skin, burrs and outdoor materials, and anything else! Pelting occurs when the matts become so large and close to the skin that it becomes a felted layer resting against the dogs skin.

Possible side-effects of Matting and Pelting:
- Blocking blood circulation, especially on ears and around legs/feet/toes
- Creates a barrier between the dogs skin and the outside world, meaning there is no oxygenation (the skin is a sensitive organ) and moisture may be trapped in the layer, fostering an excellent warm, humid environment for bacteria and fungi to grow and lead to skin infections, and in the worst cases, necrosis of the tissue and the sloughing (falling off) of skin.
- Discomfort: as matts become larger and close to the skin, they tug and pinch when the dog moves. For humane reasons, matts should be removed.

In dogs with double coats that shed heavily, undercoat may become trapped if it is not brushed out, creating matting that if dangerously close to the skin may need to be shaved out, or may require multiple appointments of sessions of de-matting brush outs to avoid shaving the hair.

In soft-coated and dogs with thick coats, the hair may become matted near the skin level while the outermost parts of the hair appear brushed out. If you cannot run a comb from the roots of the hair to the end, then there is work to be done! The least expensive and most humane option if your dog is heavily matted is to shave them down, and start growing out the hair again with regular (often daily) brushing and frequent grooming maintenance.

While we appreciate wanting your dog to have a certain look, the overall well-being of the animal is our foremost concern. Having long hair on a dog requires constant vigilance; brushing at home, and regular grooming visits every 6-8 weeks in most cases. Together we can discuss finding a style that suits your lifestyle and makes your dog look great. You may be asked to sign a Matted Pet Waiver if your pet is in rough condition, and may require shaving in matted areas.

Why don't you express anal glands?

This practice was started decades ago by groomers as a value-added service for customers, but did anyone ask; was this good for the dog? When we apply pressure to the anal glands and force the expression to happen, it weakens the muscle may cause it to have problems functioning naturally. The anal glands should secrete normally during defecation, when we express/squeeze the gland manually, it can create an ongoing problem that wasn’t there before.

When expressing the gland, there is the hazard of rupturing the anal gland, which will then require immediate veterinary attention.

How long before my appointment can I cancel?

Please provide 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment, and the sooner the better kindly!

How long does an appointment take?

Dog bath/tidy-up/grooming or de-shed times based on the breed are estimates only.

Each dog has their own personality, anxieties, preferences, hair type and coat condition that make it nearly impossible to give exact completion times.

The blow-dryer we use is quieter than other salon dryers, which is great because it does not scare the dogs as much, but is also not as powerful and takes a longer time overall to dry the dogs, and each dog is a little different so we never know how long it will take.

We will let you know (by phone, email, or text) when the service is completed!

We do you only use top quality products?

Great products leave dogs’ skin and coat clean, fresh, and moisturized.

Great products mean a great looking haircut! Leaves the hair consistency soft and fluffy for the best looking groom.

Easier and faster detangling and de-shedding.

Your dog deserves the best!